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Join the premier competition to develop groundbreaking solutions in quantum communication, quantum computing, quantum sensing, and quantum-resistant cryptography. Address critical industry needs, collaborate with top experts, gain global recognition, and shape the future of quantum technology.

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About Qinnovision World Challenge 2025

At the forefront of quantum technology, QInnovision Consortium embodies the spirit of exploration and excellence. Rooted in the UAE's visionary landscape, we extend our reach globally, transforming the potential of quantum innovation into tangible impacts for society and industries. Experience the synergy of the world's brightest minds and leading-edge technology in a mission-driven quest for a better tomorrow.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to catalyze the advancement and practical application of quantum technologies. Through fostering collaboration among academia, industry, and quantum technology experts, we aim to demonstrate the transformative potential of quantum solutions and expedite their adoption in various sectors.

Challenge Highlights

Why Participate?

QInnovision World Challenge 2025 Phases

Phase 1: Registration & Kickoff

Participants start by registering for the Challenge, setting the stage for a series of engagements with real-world problems defined by industry leaders. The kickoff event, marking the official commencement of the Challenge, introduces the selected participants to a spectrum of challenges that leverage advances in quantum technologies. These challenges span diverse domains, including artificial intelligence, healthcare, aerospace, supply chain, finance, and cybersecurity, showcasing the broad applicability of quantum computing, quantum sensing, quantum-resistant cryptography, and quantum communication in addressing complex issues.

Phase 2: Ideation & Technical Development

Duration: September 15, 2024 - November 30, 2024

During this phase, diverse technical teams, composed of researchers, innovators, engineers, and entrepreneurs, collaborate to tackle the challenges presented at kickoff. Utilizing advanced quantum hardware and software provided by partnering companies, these teams work to develop innovative solutions that are technically robust and potentially transformative. The culmination of this phase is marked by the selection of the most promising solutions by an expert jury, which will advance to the next phase.

Phase 3: Business Application & Market Integration

Duration: December 1, 2024 - January 30, 2025

This phase focuses on translating technical solutions into commercially viable products or services. Business professionals, including venture capitalists and consulting groups, partner with the technical teams to refine and test these solutions in real-world market scenarios. The goal is to ensure that the quantum innovations are not only feasible but also market-ready, aligning them with the strategic interests of the industrial companies involved.

Phase 4: Finals and Awards Ceremony

The QInnovision World Challenge 2025 reaches its zenith at the Quantum Innovation Summit in Dubai, where finalists present their integrated solutions to a distinguished panel of judges. This Challenge is not just a competition but a celebration of quantum technological advancements, providing a platform for finalists to showcase their innovative solutions and engage with leaders from the quantum technology sector. The event concludes with an awards ceremony that recognizes the teams for their outstanding innovations and a networking reception that offers opportunities for future collaborations.

Empowering Innovators: Benefits &
Opportunities at QInnovision World Challenge 2025

Benefits for All Challengers

  • Expert-Led Guidance:Receive specialized guidance from leading figures in innovation, technical development, and business strategy. These sessions are designed to equip you with the insights and tools needed to excel in applying your quantum solutions to real-world industry challenges.
  • Global Exposure:Showcase your innovative solutions on a world stage, gaining visibility among industry leaders and peers from around the globe.
  • Interactive Forums: Join discussions and forums to share ideas, challenges, and insights, fostering a community of forward-thinking quantum innovators.
  • Feedback Loop: Receive valuable feedback on your project submissions from a panel of experts, helping you refine your approach and learn from industry best practices.

Exclusive Perks for Semi-Finalists

  • Featured Content: Be highlighted in the Quantum Innovation Summit materials, including dedicated profiles on the event website and mentions in press releases for increased recognition.
  • Media Exposure: Gain media spotlight through various channels, enhancing your project’s visibility within the quantum community.
  • VIP Networking Access: Attend exclusive events that provide direct access to investors, industry leaders, and potential partners, at the Quantum Innovation Summit 2025, crucial for taking your project to the next level.
  • Introductions to Key Stakeholders: Facilitate connections with global stakeholders through coordinated virtual meetings, expanding your professional network.

Champion Rewards: Premier Benefits for the Winner

  • $15,000 Value: Receive a sponsorship package valued at $15,000, offering extensive support at the Quantum Innovation Summit 2025, including a Keynote Opportunity showcasing your winning solution to a global audience, and Prime Visibility throughout the summit with featured placements in event materials, and post press communications highlights.
  • QInnovision Consortium Access: Enjoy a one-year membership in the QInnovision Consortium, connecting you with a network of quantum technology professionals and ongoing educational resources.
  • Collaborative Projects: Participate in consortium-led projects, gaining hands-on experience and exposure.
  • Vernewell Consulting: Benefit from comprehensive consulting services including strategic advice and regulatory guidance to ensure your project’s success in the marketplace.
  • Continuous Support: Engage in ongoing sessions post-summit to keep your project aligned with industry advancements and market demands.

Join Us at QInnovision 2025

Step into the future of quantum technology and make your mark in an industry poised for revolutionary breakthroughs. Register now and start your journey towards becoming a leader in quantum innovation.

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